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Frontier Fishing Charters offer specialized spear fishing charters and expeditions, to remote offshore locations, with lots of fish and clear, warm waters. These are dedicated spear fishing charters, set up exclusively for spear fishing. Our 19.95m mothership takes you from Cairns or Cooktown to some of the best, offshore locations on the Great Barrier Reef. Our spear fishing charters run throughout the year, with locations chosen to maximize your experience and catch, pending the time and weather. We’ve got three (3) tenders to get you in the right spot, at the right time. Contact Wade to discuss your next Weipa spear fishing trip on 0409 063 361 or info@frontierfishingcharters.com.au


Frontier Fishing Charters specialise in Weipa mothership fishing expeditions. We’re pleased to provide spear fishers with dedicated spear fishing trips, to remote offshore locations, with lots of fish.

Our 19.95m mothership, the Kerra Lyn, is set-up to be self-sufficient at sea for over a month at a time. She is certified to travel up to 200nm from the coast and has an approximate voyage range of 2,000nm.

Frontier Fishing Charters provide: hot and cold breakfast; fresh lunch on the tenders and mothership; dinner and desert prepared by the chef in our galley. All accommodation is in air-conditioned cabins and there’s loads of indoor and outdoor communal spaces, to relax and unwind.


Frontier fishing charters will be doing spearing trips in the remote areas due east of Cape York exploring those pristine reef openings.

Our three (3) tenders have been custom built to put you in the right spot, at the right time. They’ve all got GPS, sounders and side scan as standard features.

We cater to spear fishers of all experience levels. Novices will benefit from our experience and instruction, experts will appreciate our local knowledge and secret spots.

Based in Weipa or Cairns, our spearfishing charters visit a range of offshore locations in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Great Barrier Reef. We can cater for up to nine (9) spear fishing guests and have a minimum four (4) day charter (no maximum).



  • Coral Trout
  • Tusk Fish
  • Largemouth Emperor
  • Dog tooth Tuna
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Crayfish
  • Trevally

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